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token system

The value of the magic cube ecosystem is carried by a system of tokens that circulate in harmony,complementing each other and jointly promoting the sustainable development of the whole ecosystem.with the dual-blockchai mechanism,the package of ecological tokens run on both binance smart chain and ethereum networks.
  • mc ecology

    The magic cube ecosystem runs a series of products based on the protocol, covering the features tokenized assets minting, trading, liquidity providing and staking. each product operates independently in an interconnected system to jointly build a powerful defi ecology for magic cube ecosystem.
  • crystal ball
  • gringotts bank
  • ring swap
  • dwarf pool
  • box staking
  • glen bridge
  • crystal ball oracle

    The value of all tokenized assets in Magic Cube ecosystem is determined by the Crystal Ball Oracle that drives the price information on blockchains. The oracle generates the mapped value of each asset by the algorithms with multiple sources.

    gringotts bank

    Gringotts Bank is the workshop to mint the mcAsset of Magic Cube platform. Users can mint new mcAsset tokens against their deposited collateral (USDM) via Magic Cube smart contracts.

    ring swap

    Ring Swap is automated market maker (AMM) protocol for on-chain assets trading by smart contracts. Ring Swap provides automated matching mechanism for the assets pairs of USDM -mcAssets, or USDM-MAGC.

    dwarf pool

    You can provide liquidity for the pairs of mcAsset -USDM or MAGC -USDM at the Dwarf Pool. When your asset pair is deposited to Dwarf Mining pool, you will get the LP token that marks the collateral assets.

    box staking

    Box Staking runs the smart contracts with the logics of token staking and rewards distribution. The rewards for LP stakers come from the newly generated MAGC token at each block. The new MAGC tokens are distributed in proportion to size of staked LP tokens multiplied by the weight of that asset's staking pool.

    glen bridge

    Glen Bridge enables cross-chain transfer of the tokens circulating in Magic Cube ecosystem, including MGP, MAGC, USDM, mcAsset(s) and other potential token types from the ecosystem.

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    This is a super powerful community of MAGIC

    The distance has disappeared, either innovation or death. -Thomas Peters

    Innovation is the soul of development, while the community, will be the blood of our movement for financial democracy.

    Magic Cube has a community of members in over 100 countries around the world, and we are growing.

    The dawn is just around the corner, and let’s explore new industry trends and write a new chapter in history with Magic Cube community magic power.

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